Welcome to KeyedIn® Solutions!

We are a fast-growing global SaaS-based software and consulting services organization with Headquarters in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Join us as we build a business culture that makes “going to work” something to look forward to every week – where people at every level interact in ways that allows everyone to succeed. We are building a world-class — and world-spanning — team to help us become the next big global success story in .NET-based integrated business applications deployed via the Cloud on a true SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

What we want, what our customers want and ultimately, what every person who adds value to the business solution chain wants is results. And to get those results, we need passionate, energetic and entrepreneurial professionals – with experience in distribution, retail, manufacturing, project/program management and services, including:

Sales | Support | Development | Marketing

Compensation and benefits are competitive for all positions and are designed to reward your success.