A full array of expert services to drive change and results

KeyedIn Consulting Group brings a wealth of talent to bear on every critical aspect of your business — process, operations, technology and finance. Our consultants are accomplished practitioners who have delivered hundreds of successful implementations in areas like ERP, PLM, PSA, CRM, MAS, MRP and document management. Many have held senior positions in manufacturing, finance and technology, driving large-scale, successful programs across the globe in every industry vertical we serve. Our experience goes beyond the theoretical; we know how to execute the positive change we recommend.

Experience Plus Success
This deep experience and impressive track record of success in delivering strategic and tactical consulting services means we have many ways to deliver value to your business. And this is why we are so effective at quickly understanding your business models, objectives and the factors that will create your success.

Some of our clients are undertaking the selection and implementation of new processes and technology. Others seek to maximize or salvage their investment in existing initiatives. Whatever your company’s unique situation, we will listen, learn, and apply the correct methodology to deliver results.

Business Effectiveness
Our goal at KeyedIn Consulting Group is always to enable you to achieve end-to-end business effectiveness by assisting you with the proper alignment of your operations, IT budgets, and business objectives. This alignment will help you achieve both operational efficiency and competitive business advantage.

Contact us to find out how KeyedIn Consulting Group’s unique expertise and methodology can drive profitable, business-transforming projects for your company.