PMO Consulting

Making projects perform and support your business strategy

A recent survey showed that 69% of project failures are due to lack of and/or improper implementation of project management methodologies:

  • 32% – Inadequate project management
  • 20% – Lack of communication
  • 17% – Unfamiliarity with scope and complexity

This is where the effective PMO can help—giving you the project framework that helps complex change efforts, enterprise software implementations, Lean and Six Sigma efforts, and multiple, complex projects deliver the performance you expect. Able to support either single or multiple projects, the KeyedIn approach is founded on four critical cornerstones:

  1. Organization – Create and implement best-practice project governance and controls that are focused on deliverables.
  2. Communication – Establish regular project reporting, including risk and issue management. We use our own proprietary SaaS technology, which provides web-based, on-demand reporting and management controls.
  3. Project Support – We assist your project teams throughout the entire process with experts that have managed hundreds of projects. Our service includes mentoring your team to assure effectiveness.
  4. Project Audits – KeyedIn provides an objective third-party review of your projects. We focus on cross-project dependencies to ensure there is no duplication of effort and that there is a clear understanding of cross-project milestones.

PMOs enable better individual project performance—and results you can be proud of

Good project management does not consist of simply making Gantt charts. Our PMO services rapidly deploy the best-practices methodology that results in better identification of key deliverables, on-target tasks and milestones, smarter resource usage and, ultimately, better execution.

We help your organization focus on project execution from a business view. We also assist you in understanding the challenges with people, process, and technology. You will then balance the tradeoffs, scope, time and cost.

Our services address these common problems:

  • Executing projects in isolation
  • Pure project-centric tools & methods
  • Strategic misalignment
  • Managing the flow of information
  • Dependency conflicts
  • Execution difficulties
  • Overlapping & redundant projects
  • Resource conflicts/asymmetry
  • Diffused decision making
  • Lack of real-time project status
  • Visibility over delayed/failing projects
  • Role-based dependent visibility
  • System fragmentation
  • No accountability or governance
  • Management reporting
  • Financial control
  • Unrealized business value

The key to creating value with a PMO in an enterprise environment involves the business’s ability to successfully establish the governance framework and then execute the key project components seamlessly and as a natural extension of the business, rather than as a separate and conflicting entity.

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