Project Rescue

We help you get your project back on track

When a project fails, regardless of the size of your company, it can damage your bottom line, delay future plans, spoil your marketplace reputation, and shareholder value. Many large and small, complex and high-risk projects fail because businesses either don’t recognize issues early enough, or are unsure of the actions to take to remediate problems. For example, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is perhaps the most expensive and most complex technology solution you will purchase for your organization. When your expectations for the software are not met and your systems are underperforming, we will come to the rescue.

With many years of experience helping businesses of all sizes get projects back on track, we are the Project Rescue specialists. KeyedIn provides a highly professional team-structured approach and supporting tools and techniques to turn your programs around. We have deep expertise in major software systems like ERP, CRM, PMO, Collaboration Management and many more – along with a toolbox of proven methods to rescue your programs quickly.

A large percentage of enterprise software implementations fail to deliver the desired results for the following reasons:

  •     The project runs late and/or over-budget
  •     Features are provided that employees under-utilize or never use at all
  •     The solution is implemented by consultants who didn’t truly understand your business
  •     System capabilities and business requirements are mismatched
  •     Team politics are killing the effort
  •     Users are creating “workarounds” to match the “old system”

Sound familiar? Let us help you. Our experience, approach, and project management best practices will bring your project back on track and create success, regardless of the current scenario.

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