Rapid Application Development

Lightning-fast application development for your critical challenges

Flexible, agile, and fast, the KeyedIn Solutions proprietary Rapid Application Development (RAD) process allows you to build and quickly deploy customized point solutions in the Cloud—to any environment.

Do you have a particular pain point in your business process and don’t want to wait for your enterprise provider to upgrade or build a workaround? KeyedIn Solutions will bring our business process expertise and lightning-fast RAD tool to solve the technology and workflow problems that are costing you time and money.

Enable your people, processes and technology to perform better – without massive development, implementation and training expense

We start by analyzing your business problem and documenting your desired workflow. With our deep experience in best-of-breed processes, we’ll help you imagine the optimal process, then quickly build an “off-the-shelf” custom Cloud-based solution that easily integrates with your existing technology—our flexible RAD point solutions will work in core SAP, Oracle, JDE, PeopleSoft and other ERP environments.

You get just the amount of software power you need for the specific problem, then training for your staff on the new, simplified workflow. Since you’ve only commissioned the functionality you need, you’ll enjoy rapid adoption by your organization’s users. Better workflow. More efficiency. Cost savings. With just enough solution for the problem.

Example: Procure-to-pay cost savings

Achieving more efficiency in procure-to-pay processes could bring down the cost of processing individual purchase orders from $50-$60 to $5 or $6. The expertise of the KeyedIn Consulting Group and RAD technology work simultaneously to engineer a more efficient process that connects requisition to purchase order to invoice matching—while building the custom-enabling technology right alongside.

Our Rapid Applications Development services team can build workarounds that reach the business objectives you want, integrated with existing technology and the way your team wants to work. The procure-to-pay solution can be easily configured for the particular needs of your team – for example, providing three-way matching and invoice scanning.

We provide world-class results that are easier to achieve than you ever thought possible. Our experts and tools can show you the way.

Imagine what KeyedIn Rapid Application Development can do for you:

  • Lightning-fast, custom applications that focus on your biggest pain points
  • Quick implementation for almost any technology environment
  • Your form, your process, results in high user adoption and quick ROI
  • Customizable solutions that combine unique process insights with an extraordinary tool

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