Software Selection

Choosing the right solution for your specific requirements

Selecting a business technology solution is an extremely important process for most organizations. For example, you may have been advised that a certain business application is your best way forward, but you are unsure. Perhaps you have made the decision to replace your current system, but need to understand each of your options – including the hidden advantages and disadvantages. Or, you may have a number of so-called “best of breed” solutions in place, but need to integrate these systems and extend them into more core areas.

In each of these scenarios, choosing the right application provider is critical to success. This is where KeyedIn will help. Because we are technology-agnostic, we always base our recommendations on what is best for your success, based on deep expertise in the major systems. We can help you with important technology areas including ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, PLM, Program Management Office, Project Management, and Quality Management.

Our objective is always to utilize our deep domain and technology experience to make sure you get the foundation right and have the best opportunity for success. Specific deliverables include:

  • Business case definition
  • Business model clarification
  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Product selection and vendor management
  • Project approach, phasing and structure
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Mannaged PMO or project management services

Regardless of solution type, we always apply these best practices to select and implement business applications:

  • Aim for the right goals. Make sure you have a vision for where the system will be after the initial phase – and after two years and five years.
  • Use a third party. The right partner can help you choose the right product, with the right balance of flexibility, reliability and functionality.
  • Choose the right implementation partner. There are different roles to fulfill within the project that require unique experience and skill.
  • Be ruthlessly commercial about your selection, negotiation and contracts.
  • Manage your vendors carefully. While vendors are your partner in the project, you should never forget they have their own wants and needs. You will both want a “successful” project, but their definition of success may be very different from yours.
  • Maintain senior management involvement. Failure to do this can leave you in a precarious position if the project doesn’t go as planned.
  • Use the proper tools. This can help you manage information, project milestones, budgets, resource allocation and time/materials bookings.
  • Take advice as early as possible if the project goes off track. The faster you understand where you are and how to get control, the more likely it is you will turn the situation around.

It’s also important to review and update the business case regularly. As you move through the project, you will find items that boost your ROI, and items that increase your costs. Because KeyedIn has completed hundreds of successful applications, we can help you achieve your business goals and strong ROI.

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