Project Portfolio Management Software

KeyedIn® Projects is a fully integrated project portfolio management software solution, enhancing your ability to select and prioritize the right projects – through ensuring alignment with business strategy, detailed cost/benefit forecasting, strategic risk analysis and long term resource capability planning.

With KeyedIn Projects, portfolio managers use exactly the same management tool as the individual project managers they direct. That means it’s far easier to share information, make informed decisions about the prioritization of programs and projects, make go, no-go stage gate decisions, or decide when and if to reallocate resource across the portfolio – as well as maintain a clear view of the bigger picture and where necessary drill down into the detail.

This results in enhanced reporting, increased responsiveness and a richer understanding of the potential consequences of every change in project scope.

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Align strategy and delivery

From providing a controlled start-up process, to supporting you in balancing short, medium and long-term projects across the portfolio, KeyedIn Projects facilitates strategic alignment – in project selection and in delivery. You can see where delays or changes jeopardize the achievement of strategic goals and targets, and respond.

Prioritize and plan ahead

In project portfolio management, you constantly have to make decisions about priorities across multiple projects: do you shift resources to keep project A on track at the risk of delaying project B? KeyedIn Projects helps you make informed decisions about where your priorities should lie, based on a full understanding of the consequences across the whole portfolio. It also helps you look into the longer term, identifying whether existing resources could cope with additional projects. If not, you can decide whether to recruit, reallocate or reject the opportunity.

Analyze and adapt

A seemingly innocuous change in one project can have a significant impact on the entire project portfolio. When change requests come in, you can analyze their impact using KeyedIn Projects – seeing exactly who and what would be affected, and how. If you decide to accept the scope change, you can easily update project and program schedules within KeyedIn Projects: enter data once and it’s rolled out across the whole business

Standardize and scrutinize

To keep track of a multi-project portfolio, you need standard reports and indicators that make it easy to monitor progress. KeyedIn Projects PPM software allows you to introduce and (where necessary) impose standardized ways of working, such as templates for reports, so you can scrutinize every detail in the way you need to.

Available for rapid deployment

Because it’s delivered as a service, the project portfolio management tools in KeyedIn Projects can be deployed in days, not weeks or months.


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