KeyedIn® Manufacturing – Sign Edition

A single, 100% web-based business solution for custom sign manufacturers

Developed specifically for the custom sign manufacturing industry,  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition is a fully web-based business management sign software application that can help you take charge of your entire enterprise – from estimating and production to scheduling and installation – with fully-integrated financial management and accounting tools.

There’s no IT needed, no hardware to buy – all you need to get started is an Internet connection and a web browser for secure anywhere, anytime access.

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition combines the power of a proven, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with tools specifically designed to solve the typical business challenges of custom sign manufacturers – improving productivity, lowering costs, and increasing sales.

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The  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition Customer Experience:

Sign Designs


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Sign Designs Customer Experience - John Hipple

What we were looking for in a software system when we were researching early on we had several different programs we use to try to run the company and we were looking for something that was all in one and that’s why we initially looked at KeyedIn and have been with it for several years now.

Time is everything to us right now as we’ve grown particularly over the years, when we started with KeyedIn we had six employees and we really knew we were planning for growth and that is one reason why we focused on this software solution was so we could not only add employees but also grow our geographical areas so we could add offices and salespeople and they could all still work with this one solution and they wouldn’t necessarily have to be at our corporate office. We find it to be very useful for that.

My salespeople now currently enter a lot of the data for me we’ve trained them to do that so really what I do is go back through, critique it all, find any incorrections and then I can get their bids done a lot quicker. We can turn bids around five to ten times faster than we were before KeyedIn, we’re very happy that things have changed and things are growing and people are being added and there’s just a lot more opportunities I think for all of us and you can see there’s a lot more intent to grow together.

Lytle Signs

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Lytle Signs Customer Experience

Lytle signs is a company that started in 1948 and we’ve continually grown from that time, offering the newest technology. We’ve been looking at many different software operating systems and had an opportunity on several occasions and never really got comfortable with the answers that we got. Because some other folks that I respect had purchased it we looked heavily into this. For what it does do we thought it would be the best system to use. I’ve enjoyed being able to look at accounts payable and  receivable quickly, how much each salesman is selling and how profitable that salesperson is to the company and we can track a lot of things we could never even think of tracking in the past. In fact I can go access what’s going on right now from my motel room.


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