KeyedIn™ Manufacturing – Smarter software for manufacturers

KeyedIn Manufacturing is a comprehensive web-based (Cloud) business management software solution for manufacturers. It combines the power of a proven, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with tools specifically designed to solve the business challenges of manufacturers – improving productivity, lowering costs, and increasing sales.

KeyedIn Manufacturing software provides all the management tools manufacturers need – from estimating to invoicing, purchasing to production management – in a single platform.

It makes extensive use of automation, so that essential transactions are generated and customized with relevant data as soon as a set stage in the process is reached. For example, just confirm that an estimate is accepted, and all the associated work orders are produced automatically.

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Low monthly cost

Because it is delivered via the Cloud, KeyedIn Manufacturing delivers all this functionality for a low monthly cost. That means:
• No need to invest in new hardware or software
• No ongoing infrastructure support costs
• No long implementation timelines

Instead, with KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can literally be up and running within days.

Easy to use

KeyedIn Manufacturing is incredibly easy to use – see for yourself in this video:

Access anytime, anywhere

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What is KeyedIn Manufacturing?

Developed for the small to medium sized manufacturer, KeyedIn Manufacturing is a 100% cloud-based business management software system. From estimating and quoting, to sales order processing, work orders and shop floor production, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides an easy to use application to manage your entire business. There’s no IT needed and no hardware to buy. All you need to get started in an Internet connection and computer for secure access, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of KeyedIn Manufacturing

By using KeyedIn Manufacturing you’ll gain:

  • Improved Company Performance
    Your management team can quickly view, understand and respond to changing business conditions.
  • One-time Data Entry
    Once information is entered into our application, it is automatically available in all appropriate locations. All you have to do is enter data once and you can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Increased Collaboration
    KeyedIn Manufacturing makes it easy to gain visibility into your data and securely make information available across your entire organization with dynamic “to-do” lists, email, on-screen reminders and more.
  • Real Time Reporting and Analytics
    Access customizable, industry-specific reports in real time, across all departments. Our Secure, flexible web-based reporting gives you the tools to stay on top of your business.

Using the power of the cloud to transform your business.  KeyedIn Manufacturing provides one embedded manufacturing ERP system that helps you take control of your business by accessing your information from anywhere at anytime, giving you greater visibility into your data to cut costs and increase profitability.  Switch to KeyedIn Manufacturing – smarter software for manufacturers.  

As a web-based solution, KeyedIn Manufacturing means your staff can access the business data they need securely anytime, anywhere, on any device. Choose the version that’s right for you to find out more:

KeyedIn Manufacturing for small to mid-sized manufacturers
KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition for custom sign manufacturers