Business Software for Sign Manufacturers

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Do you need more time? Time is money and in the custom sign manufacturing business, manual processes devour time. "Slow" doesn't win the game in a highly competitive industry. You need speed, accuracy and streamlined processes within your organization. This is where the right software can make a big difference. 

Driving sales is core to success - but so is managing customer relationships, sending out accurate, consistent estimates to secure the order, taking care of service calls, attending to the shop floor, dealing with the supply chain, ensuring accurate costing information, and managing accounting. These are the details you have to be on top of when managing every single project. And, of course, you have to make sure it's all profitable.

Now you can manage your time easier, get more done and grow your profit - with KeyedIn® Manufacturing - Sign Edition.

Developed exclusively for the sign manufacturing industry, KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition is a fully web-based sign shop software application that allows you to take charge of your entire enterprise – from estimating and production to scheduling and installation – with fully-integrated financial management and accounting tools.

Best of all, there’s no IT needed, no hardware to buy – all you need to get started is an Internet connection and a web browser for secure anywhere, anytime access.

Benefits of our solution

With our sign manufacturing business management software, you can:

  • Speed up your quoting process – with real-time management of your sales pipeline. Read more.
  • Boost your performance – with greater throughput, shorter lead times, faster shipping. Read more.
  • Improve your financial management – with streamlined financial reporting. Read more.
  • Benefit from using a customized solution - developed with input from members of ISA. Read more.
  • Realize a measurable increase in efficiency in the first year through: 
    • Faster estimate and sales order times.
    • Greater visibility to gain accurate job and product costing. Read more.
    • Improved communication between customers, vendors and employees.
    • Lean inventory management techniques.
    • Reduced errors due to single point of entry.


KeyedIn Manufacturing’s Cloud solution is the future for sign manufacturers.  You can have our software up and running in just weeks - and that includes planning, management, on-site training and data conversion guidance. Click here for more information on our implementation services.


To see a full list of product features, click here to visit our features tour.