Designed to deliver actual business results – quickly and affordably

KeyedIn™ Manufacturing – Sign Edition integrates the key areas of your business with a single, web-based application.  And once everyone’s on the same page, you’ll eliminate data redundancy, improve communications and gain instant visibility into all aspects of your business.

Lower operating costs and improve productivity

On average,  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition clients have recognized a rapid 25% productivity improvement from increases in throughput, reductions in lead times and the ability to ship more rapidly. Quotes can be completed in two to ten minutes. Users can see real-time job costs and find problems before they become huge issues.

Dramatically reduce IT costs

With KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition, there are no servers to buy and no software to install – and we can assist your internal IT department by focusing on  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition upgrades, patches and maintenance. When changes are needed, they’ll be implemented more quickly and efficiently, while your IT staff and tools focus on strategic technology projects that impact your bottom line.

Speed up your quoting process

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition lets you manage your sales pipeline and opportunities in real time, from copying an estimate or quote from last week or last year and seeing current costs to creating quote templates for commonly used sign types.  KeyedIn Manufacturing – Sign Edition easily generates proposals from within the system and prints or emails them to your clients.  And converting a quote to a sales order automatically creates your shop work orders, purchase orders and more.

Realize as much as a 5% increase in net income in the
first year through:

  • Estimate and sales order times
  • Greater visibility to accurate job and product costing
  • Improved communication between customers, vendors and employees
  • Lean inventory management techniques
  • Reduced errors due to single point of entry

So if you want to see exactly how KeyedIn Manufacturing - Sign Edition can help you boost performance, click here to book a demo to experience it firsthand.