4 Secrets of how Top Performing PSOs Cope with Changes in Customer Demand

Henry Bennett

Professional services projects rarely run smoothly. Things happen: external events change client priorities; tasks overrun; a key member of the project team gets sick.

The true test of your mettle is how you deal with these obstacles, so that your service delivery remains in synch with customer demands – no matter which has evolved or why.

For many professional services this means technology is key. Something that is supported by many research reports that indicate that best-in-class organizations are over twice as likely as all others to have access to project management software.

So how are these top performing organizations using software to their advantage.

Professional Services Automation software is a fully integrated suite of business applications designed to support professional services organizations at every stage of project and program management. Delivered via SaaS, it gives managers the control they need of their own projects, and of the wider project portfolio, and simplifies everyday admin for project teams.

With Professional Services Automation software PSOs are far better positioned to cope with changes in customer demand.  Here are 4 secrets of the top performing organizations:

#1 The best prepare for change, with improved project scoping and planning

Most PSA solutions include intuitive project planning tools that enables you to build, review and amend initial plans collaboratively and in the context of other projects already operating within your organization. Including features such as interactive Gantt charts, easy-to-use task creation, visualization for critical paths and a range of templates to help increase consistency in planning. Crucially, these systems link to your resource and skills databases, so you can make realistic decisions about when key people will be available. The result: your initial plans are more comprehensive and accurate

#2 The best spot potential issues with comprehensive visibility of every detail

Once a project has started, PSA Software ensures you can see exactly what’s happening at a micro level: who is working on what tasks, where, and when they’ll be finished. That means that as soon as there is the slightest delay, you’re aware – and can take action as required: applying contingencies, informing colleagues or clients, reallocating resources if necessary.

#3 Top performing PSOs assess the impact of change and manage customer expectations

When clients request additional tasks or scope changes, Professional Service Automation Tools help you to quickly establish what the impact would be on costs and timelines of your project – and what the wider business impact would be. For example, if the request would mean taking resource from a different project, how feasible is that, and is the business willing to adjust? You can also draw on a shared database of previous projects and documentation to see how similar changes were managed in the past. That means you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to facilitate the change – and give your client an accurate estimate for the additional work. Delivery and demand, synchronized once more.

#4 Leaders keep their teams connected

When changes do occur, with PSA Software you can keep everybody connected, collaborative features ensure the latest feedback, issues or change requests are distributed to all team members across the business in real time. There’s no risk of people working with out-of-date schedules or scope documents, and management reporting is far simpler.