5 Tips for Improving Project and Task Management

Author: Ian Needs

At KeyedIn Projects we always recommend that PMOs take a top down approach to project, program and portfolio management - focusing on the people, deliverables and money required to deliver your projects, as well as the benefits they will deliver. By taking this simple approach, you can fast track your way towards an active PMO and provide greater business value and alignment in the short term.

However, we also understand that as the PMO matures there will be a need to also standardize project management practices and tools - to provide consistency in all aspects of project delivery.

Here are 5 tips to help improve the management and tracking of projects and tasks.

#1 - Improve Task Planning - To achieve this, in the most mature PMOs, Project Managers need more granular tools to help plan, manage and report on their projects. For example, Project Managers will need to create detailed task plans to improve the accuracy of forecasting, resource planning and overal project delivery. With solutions like KeyedIn Projects, this can be carried out directly in the tool, or for organizations with a history of using MS Project, project plans can be imported or exported to and from Microsoft Project.

#2 - View Deliverables and resource allocations - having visibility into the status of key project deliverables and the status of your resource demand is essential for ensuring you have the capability to deliver your selected projects and that they are being delivered on time and to budget.

#3 - Capture Risks and Plan your Actions - ensuring you track and report on risk and associated mitigation plan items will help reduce issues and drive more on-time projects

#4 - Effectively Manage Cost - visibility into the overal project financials as well as specific cost items will help identify any potential overuns and ensure the on-budget delivery of projects

#5 - Project and Program Status Reporting - Benefit from fully configurable status reports enabling your organization to define what status information is to be captured and then standardize status reporting for all

Watch this short video to see how KeyedIn Projects addresses these four tips, helping you improve the management of your projects and tasks to drive a step change in the quality of your project delivery.