5 ways project management software can enhance project control and optimize resource usage

Author: Henry Bennett

During a recent consultation session we had the opportunity to ask one of our customers how KeyedIn’s project management software had helped their business gain more control over their projects and how it has helped optimize their resource usage.

Our customer is an enterprise resource planning systems developer and integrator with a wealth of experience in manufacturing operations. Before implementing KeyedIn Projects they managed their projects using a mixture of MS project for scheduling, Excel for reporting and Dropbox for submissions and collaboration and finally QuickBooks for accounting and billing. Like many expanding organizations they were finding that they were rapidly outgrowing their Project Portfolio Management capabilities and that these systems weren’t giving them real-time visibility.

They identified that they could use KeyedIn Projects to not only enhance their own project management but also enable their clients to manage key aspects of theirs. Here are five ways in which they felt the software enhanced project control and optimized their resource usage:

  1. Improved data and reporting – Metrics can be created to capture date on utilization, project statistics, budget tracking and comparison, culminating with profitability reporting by item and task type.
  2. Enhanced visibility – Real-time information is available on resource assignments and availabilities with scheduling tools to optimize resources by their skillsets.
  3. Ability to manage supply and demand pipeline and workflow control – This eliminates redundancies and errors occurring with manual, multi-platform project reporting processes.
  4. Increased knowledge sharing – The software facilitates collaboration with the firm’s staff and its clients ensuring they can communicate amongst themselves.
  5. Capability to create a virtual help desk – This provides staff with a landing resource with unique logins for project task detail communication and managed time entry.