Customer Showcase: LightEdge Solutions

Author: Howard Cooke

They say time is money and at LightEdge they are seeing much more of it thanks to improvements in processes and a laser focus on project performance.

Founded in 1996, LightEdge Solutions is a pioneering enterprise-grade cloud services, colocation and consulting company that for decades has been successful in simplifying the way companies acquire, deploy and leverage technology with their expansive portfolio of solutions. But what has improved operations within the PMO has given them an edge they didn’t quite bargain for.

Like many organizations, LightEdge employees were being pulled in varies directions with stops and starts, side projects and projects that weren’t even started for years causing the company to lose significant amounts of time to administrative tasks. We all have a degree of administrative work, but when it is stemmed from challenges in areas such as Project Intake and Templates, Resource Demand Planning and Configured Reporting, it might be able to be automated to streamline some of the process.

Here are some of the key areas that the team at LightEdge was able to improve through the use of KeyedIn's PMO software.

Project Intake and Templates – Projects were being unevenly managed across the company due to lack of specific intake rules for every department to use. Without instilling a degree of intake rules and process, this can be a problem for many teams. But LightEdge was able to use built-in templates to standardize project intake by compiling despondencies from the start of each project and integrating with Salesforce. Today they have a single, transparent view of how to review each project [l4] which decreases the time spent resourcing, assigning and tracking project tasks. In addition, critical priority calculations stop unnecessary projects in their tracks while adding value and benefits realization to an entire portfolio. This also minimizes unnecessary work and start stop on projects that are low priority or not likely to be seen through completion.

Resource Demand Planning – Internal operations employees were being pulled in too many directions due to lack of visibility into what activities they were currently involved with. By centralizing in a PPM solution, LightEdge is now able to share resources across the PMO which generates greater resource visibility for the company. Employees can now turn to a screen that outlines their priorities and current work and the approval process that must be followed if they to change activities.

Configured Reporting – Reporting can take days or even weeks of intensive work each month to reconcile activities and deliver rolled-up status reports to executives. This isn’t uncommon and in the case of LIghtEdge the team was spending anywhere from 2-4 days regularly each month to compile data that was siloed in manual department-specific spreadsheets. By utilizing configured reports and dashboards, the reporting time was cut by 40% and the PMO is working off a single version of the truth for data collection and reconciliation.  

To learn more about how LightEdge employees won the time battle and rapidly expanded from a group of ten initial users to over 100, check out our recent case study.

“The decrease in administrative efforts alone is probably thousands each month and the level of confusion has decreased considerably.”

-Natalie Stepp, LightEdge

For more information about the success LightEdge is seeing using KeyedIn - check out this case study!