Join Us at the PM Times Online Conference!

Author: Courtney McClay

KeyedIn is sponsoring the first ever online event hosted by PM Times:

We are excited to be a part of the very first BA&PM Times Online Conference for a day filled with the best of both business analysis and project management. This new event is joined by top industry experts, and you’re able to interact live from the comfort of your home or office! BA&PM Times brings together top trends and best practices to explore both cutting edge and tried and true practices to help your business in these top areas.   

Studies show investment in project management and formal PM training lead to higher success rates and better delivery on organizational strategy. With increased focus on project outcomes, businesses are realizing more value from their investments and able to stay competitive and even ahead of the curve. By automating project management processes, project managers and resources are better able to focus on the work at hand, and spend more time on tasks than on administrative or manual work. These efficiency gains are changing the way we manage portfolios and projects and has shifted the focus to creating top performing teams. From a recent article at Gartner, “Too many organizations leave strategy realization to chance. In a digital world, the probability of success due to chance is low, and the implications of failure are severe. This is why creating and executing on a solid innovation-driven strategy is key.” Having the right people in place working on the right projects is a winning combination to execute on the strategy and goals of the business.

We here at KeyedIn understand the importance of continually improving project management processes and methodologies to get the most value from your investments. We look for and are excited by ways to learn from experts and become more educated on the latest best practices from top industry experts. BA&PM Times Conference is a great way to learn more about how to be an innovative and successful leader. It aims to empower professionals to ensure that projects are clearly and flawlessly executed due to strategy. Their event coming up on December 13th is a virtual conference with numerous different sessions pertaining to professional aspects like:

  • The 5 Most Important Moments In Your Career by Bob Prentiss
  • PM and AI – The Importance of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Projects by Paul Pelletier
  • Surviving in a Hybrid World by Paul Crosby
  • Be Agile: Mapping Your PM Skills to an Agile Environment by Clinton Ages
  • Driving Innovation with 20 Questions by Vincent Mirabelli
  • BA 20/20 – Creating a Discrete Vision and Goals to Transform Your Practice by Hans Eckman
  • Power, Influence, and Politics: A Key to Managing People, Programs, and Projects by Vijay Verma
  • Agile Product Ownership and Business Analysis – Models of Collaboration to Get to Viable Products by Angela Wick
  • Over-Managed: Top Five Risks of Tactical PMO by Osama Aziz
  • Success Through Empathy by Kupe Kupersmith 

Let's face it – the main goal of the PMO is to increase project success and eliminate, or at least reduce risk… Join us to learn more about how to learn some new skills to better manage your people, projects, and portfolio! Register today and book your calendar for BA&PM Times Online Conference. See you there!