KeyedIn Projects 6.5 Release Blog

Matt Muldoon

We are thrilled to share the latest updates to KeyedIn Projects that are available to customers as of today in version 6.5. The Summer 2019 release builds upon KeyedIn Projects’ strong foundation of project resource management capabilities with the introduction of Integrated Portfolio Resourcing which combines strategic project demand forecasting with supply side management which includes detailed task planning and assignment scheduling capabilities. The benefits are a holistic approach to project, portfolio and resource management, with deeper insights into resourcing variances to maximize flexibility and utilization. 

Here are a few of the highlights from our latest release. To see the updates in action, be sure to watch our release video.

Integrated Portfolio Resourcing (Combined Resourcing) – bringing the tools together.

The Combined Resourcing feature bridges the existing ‘Strategic’ and ‘Scheduling’ resourcing modes, effectively joining up strategic project and program level planning with detailed task level resource planning and allocation. We wanted to bring these two items together, so they provide a complete resource management lifecycle.

This enhancement focuses on improving:

  • Ability to create Cost, Revenue and Resource demand forecasts directly from the new Task Plan Gantt.
  • A new interactive panel on the new Task Plan Gantt to more effectively align and allocate centrally provided Project Resources to detailed Task plans in the new Combined Resourcing mode.
  • Improved visibility of Capacity, Demand, Supply, Assignments and Actuals across Projects, in one place. 
  • Enhancements to the Resource Plan to more effectively gain insights into variations between allocated and assigned Resources in the new Combined Resourcing mode. 

A new panel on the task plan shows the resources allocated to my project. You can now quickly and easily drag a resource to a task or allocate to multiple tasks. Any further changes to the task plan can simply be re-forecast and integrated holistic cycle continues. 

At all times, you have access to a wealth of information. Capacity, utilization, variances between supply and assignments which all help manage the planning and resourcing process.

Creating a Forecast from the Task Plan

An approved Demand Forecast can now easily be created from within the Task Plan. The Generate Forecast Data button within the Resource Controls section of the Task Plan toolbar opens a modal to configure the basis of the Forecast. Forecasting can now be easily approved, and it generates Demand Requests.

The 6.5 release also includes configuration updates and enhancements. 

See our new Integrated Portfolio Resourcing in action in the latest video.