PMXPO is back for its 11th year!

Author: Lindsey Marymont

We’re excited to be a part of PMXPO 2018 – the 11th edition of the biggest virtual project management event. Past years of this event have featured all the big names in project management, and this year is sure to deliver once again.

Project management is becoming a largely recognized and valued profession as more and more organizations are investing in a PMO and even moving to an ePMO model – bringing strong project management practices to the core of the business. Recent events such as the passing of the PMIAA act further validate the need for formal project management practices and training. Think about it, most professionals are in some way managing projects and we are all looking to gain efficiencies in doing so. While most people managing projects today are not necessarily PMP certified, anyone can benefit from further training and education in the field of project management.

So how can we continue on the path of gaining better efficiencies from projects and empowering project management professionals to become better at what they do, all the while saving the company dollars in doing so? Continued education is an important aspect and this year’s PMXPO is sure to deliver some valuable insights into where project management is headed and how PMOs can continually improve their value contribution to the organization.

Join us for this year’s event to hear from Joel Cohen, Emmy-Winning Writer and Producer of The Simpsons as he discusses a unique perspective on innovation from the most successful show in television. The event features 5 additional sessions sure to provide valuable insights and lessons including:

  • Imagining the Future of PMOs by Mark Mullaly
  • Creative Thinking: Engaging Your Stakeholders, Improving Your Requirements by Teresa Lawrence
  • Hacking Agile for Digital Agencies by Dave Prior
  • The Conundrum: Your Project Ends, But Its Outcome Lives On by Rich Maltzman
  • 2018 Pulse of the Profession®: Success in Disruptive Times: Highlights from PMI’s 10th Global Project Management Survey by Melissa Buchanan and Tricia Cabrey

The best part of this event? It’s free to attend! Register today and book your calendar for PMXPO 2018. Don’t forget to stop by the KeyedIn booth while you are there and hear how KeyedIn supports project managers on their journey to improve project success and exceed stakeholder expectations.