The 5 Most Important Business Benefits of a Successful PMO

Author: Ian Needs

For any Program Management Office, it is extremely important that you are able to show how your PMO delivers tangible and meaningful business benefits.

Here are five of the most important:

  • Align the portfolio of projects with an eye toward future strategy
  • Deliver programs on-time, within budget and according to scope
  • Understand the linkages and dependencies between various projects in the portfolio
  • Improve communication within the program team among all stakeholders
  • Increase the awareness of the value of the PMO and PPM process

To achieve this you not only need good people, good processes, but also supporting technology . Yes the people, processes and technology message has been pushed by software vendors for years - but in an environment where poor project selection or even failure could have a catestrophic effect on the business involved, its still amazing to see how many PMOs are trying to manage project selection, prioritization, resource capability planning and deliverables via error prone spreadhseets.