The Importance of keeping your project management software and growth in sync

Author: Henry Bennett

The use of Project Management Software in the workplace has never been greater and the benefits that come with it are there for everyone to see. There is absolutely no doubt that advances in such software have improved efficiency, streamlined processes, enhanced communication and been one of the main drivers for growth in a variety of companies. The main issue nowadays is not whether project management systems should be used to support growth but more so which solution would be best suited to your business.

Choosing the right piece of software to implement or finding the correct equipment to improve your business is never easy and takes a lot of research. Once you have found the tool that meets your criteria, it is almost as important to make sure that the solution is not only suited to the size of your company but is flexible enough to grow with your business. This is because you could easily find yourself running into problems or held back by a system that isn’t easy to upgrade or one that is too advanced for what you currently need.

We caught up with one of our customers recently, a French Software publisher and they emphasised the importance of keeping their project management systems in sync with their business growth. They stated that the main reasons for implementing KeyedIn Projects were that the software was highly flexible, meaning they could start slowly using only a few of the functions initially and gradually add more functionality when they were ready and that it could accommodate their rapidly expanding team due to the ease of setting up new users. This meant that the adoption process was easy, users weren’t confused by the new system, they could take control of how the new technology grew with their business and as a result the company has become more competitive.