Why Control, Insight & Visibility are key to avoiding the Service Delivery Execution Gap

Henry Bennett

On paper, managing Resources, Projects and Billing all sounds relatively simple.

So why do so many organizations struggle.

Well in reality many organizations create an Execution Gap where there are silos of information all over the place. They’re closed off from each other. Often they simply run in isolation only cross-communicating when it seems critical to the business – like year ends or when there is a major client dispute.

What many organizations fail to appreciate is that constant communication and information sharing is always critical to the business .

These different pockets of data,  use numerous different formats and media to capture and share information, so there’s no simple way to see the entire projects picture without spending money on consultants or additional resource to make sense of the information.

For sure it doesn’t have to be that way. At KeyedIn Solutions we take a more pragmatic approach to this everyday problem.

The pragmatic approach is to automate what could otherwise involve manual processes, lots of staff and lots of time. It’s to make cost-effective what could otherwise be very costly.

Professional services automation software, or PSA tools, improve project planning, delivery and management – the tools that let us underpin effective service delivery, standardize project management practices and drive out more strategic resourcing – what we referred to in our earlier post on the 7 Key Factors Driving Project Success .

PSA tools help you drive utilization and productivity whilst reducing risk, increasing client satisfaction, and driving project performance and profit.

Delivered via the cloud. These tools are web-based and very are easy to use. In fact they’re as easy to use as a consumer app on a mobile. They don’t need any installing, and staff don’t require long training sessions to be able to use them. They’re just ready to go as and when needed. Deployment is almost instantaneous, and because the tools are a cloud-based service, using them reduces CapEx.

In a nutshell, professional services automation software is a cost-effective route through to greater efficiencies; an accessible approach to maximizing the skills that already exist in your company, to ensure you run at peak performance levels all the time.

So if we think back to our “Execution Gap”.  What KeyedIn Projects does is it enables Professional services organisations to wrestle back control. What I mean by that is that they no longer have to survey a vast array of inputs.

Professional services automation solutions increase the visibility into every project you might have on your books. Plus projects you have in the pipeline.  Through a fully integrated suite of business applications that help improve every aspect of project delivery.

Through cloud based connectors KeyedIn Projects also connects easily with existing systems, and gives you the control and insight to make sure resources are used strategically, risks are addressed, and costs managed tightly throughout.

It enables you to draw all information into a single version of the truth.

A key aspect of this, is the integration to the back office finance system. For professional services this provides a unique opportunity to ensure that Finance and Services leadership are on the same page at all times for optimal decision making and timely billing.