Traditional PPM Tools are failing. Poor adoption, expensive upgrades and over complexity are leaving business leaders short of the strategic focus they need to adjust and evolve in a period of disruptive and intense business change. Can your existing PPM Tool deliver the strategic value that your business demands?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Significantly Reduce the Execution Risk of Complex Change Programs

Avoid failures

At KeyedIn, we help our clients and their people successfully deliver large change programs by delivering solutions that significantly reduce execution risk. We do this by ensuring that we understand our clients’ needs and strategies, and focus on the issues and challenges that could lead to an unsuccessful implementation. By combining our strong heritage as a provider of program management solutions with a contemporary point of view on the transformation life cycle, with leading insights delivered by our business partners, we bring a strong value proposition.

Bridge the Execution Gap Between Strategic Decision Making and Project Activity

Engage stakeholders

Too often senior executives and stakeholders become frustrated that they are unable to manage the level of risk associated with the execution of strategically important change program and the high costs associated with the over-reliance on external consulting firms. The ever widening execution gap that separates strategic decision-making from project related activities means that leadership can quickly lose sight of progress, and issues that can accumulate almost daily go unresolved. Our solutions and expertise can help bridge that gap by providing real-time, top-down visibility into actionable KPIs.

Increase Executive Visibility into Benefits, Costs, Resources and Deliverables

Become business outcome focused

With KeyedIn Projects, your organization will benefit from greater executive visibility of benefits, costs, activities, milestones and resource deployment, which encourages the more effective management of costs and resources, a robust and connected planning process and no unnecessary surprises.

Reduce External Consulting Costs by Enabling In-House Execution Capabilities

Provide greater agility

KeyedIn Projects provides greater ownership and accountability ensuring you only need use external consultants for high value work. Our highly intuitive business transformation software helps facilitate a more flexible program management model, making benefits become more sustainable, and ensures internal competencies are developed.

Support the Transformational and Business Change Life Cycle

Understand programme interdependencies

Business transformations and large-scale change programs can be complex and, to be successful, require organizational synchronization and an understanding of the dependencies between different initiatives, as well as business as usual processes and activities. We understand the life cycle of change, and have applied our expertise, together with that of our business partners, to ensure that you have the right resources available to you as you work through the different stages.

The Benefits of a Top-Down Approach

Deliver business value

Having the right approach to developing your Business Transformation Office will be critical to the success of your change programs. It represents the link between the decisions that you make and the executional activities required to implement change and deliver benefits. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and accountabilities, based on a sound approach to program management will be vital. At KeyedIn we focus on a top down approach with our clients; making sure that senior executives have the tools they need to manage the performance of strategically important change initiatives, from decision making and planning to benefits delivery.