Increased project complexity, skill shortages, squeezed margins and rising costs are all driving intense & disruptive change for Management Consulting. Can your existing PSA Tool deliver the strategic focus you need to deliver profitable growth?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Optimize and streamline planning, tracking and reporting

Keep track of all work

For successful project management you need a tool that not only allows the systematic planning, reporting and tracking of project life cycle and resources, but also allows immediate reaction to changes, inclusions or adaptations. KeyedIn Projects provides a detailed approach to managing tasks with efficiency and accuracy. Changes can be made, and modifications adapted to, in an instant. Planning, forecasting and project prioritization is quicker, easier and more accurate with KeyedIn Projects.

Reduce administration for increased project value

Speed up key processes

The ability to automate integral administrative tasks - invoicing, billing, reporting, repetitive tasks - not only speeds up the process, giving you more time to concentrate on client objectives, but also makes for a more efficient and productive team. The accuracy and flexibility KeyedIn Projects provides for you to update, amend and monitor the project lifecycle means you can put valuable resources into more profitable aspects of business, rather than on administrative tasks.

Increase the profitability of every project undertaken

Optimise resource usage

Ensure your resources are where they are most productive, time is spent in the most profitable places and projects are delivering as expected. KeyedIn Projects allows accurate scrutiny of where time, resources, talent and budget is being used, giving management the opportunity to determine whether assets are being attributed to the most profitable areas of business. With KeyedIn Projects you can continually monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your project management processes and continue to adapt and streamline planning processes so that every future project is as efficient and productive as possible.

Improve communication and collaboration

Understand project status

An improved project management process will naturally benefit communication across the company, as it is easy to see the status of projects, forecasted workload and deliverables. As a cloud based platform, KeyedIn Projects also allows cohesion across multiple agencies, improving collaboration across national or global offices. Everyone working on a project can log time and update progress, allowing management to instantly gain an accurate overview of project status based on the work completed by everyone involved.