Digital transformation, tight budgets plus the need to deliver value outside of IT are all driving intense and disruptive change in the energy industry. But can your existing PPM Tools deliver the strategic focus you need to be more pragmatic and proactive?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Drive profits and resources forwards

Maximise your returns

The energy markets are fiercely competitive - management must maximise output, yet rely on minimal resources. A diminishing talent pool, demanding consumer base and complex legislation create a plethora of issues - yet you still need to deliver profit month on month, year on year. A streamlined project portfolio management solution can help your company drive profits and resources forward.

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Invest in future-proof technologies without risk

Improve decision making

There is continuing pressure on energy companies to invest in future-proof technologies, as well as renewable and innovative systems for consumers. But how do you ensure you’re investing valuable resources in the right places? KeyedIn Projects helps diminish risk by enhancing the decision-making process through accurate data, real-time information and a strategic overview of resources, budget and skills. In turn, you can make better investment decisions, drive revenue and innovation, and ensure resources are always adequately utilized.


Focus on deliverables and consumers

Improve inception to delivery

The energy industry is a landscape of new challenges, evolving business models, expanding markets and increased competition - and at the heart of this are consumers, products and innovation. A tighter, more synchronized approach to project management improves the process of inception to delivery, in turn boosting consumer satisfaction and profitability of new products. At the end of the idea-to-market journey, KeyedIn Projects also helps to accurately analyze, report and evaluate processes. This enhances the journey, making it quicker and more accurate each time.

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Systematically Streamline Resource Usage

Deliver transparency and maintain compliance

The energy market relies extensively on a dwindling pool of resources and talent. To ensure you’re getting the very best from your business, KeyedIn Projects can be utilized to plan, prepare, capture and track tasks and processes right through the supply chain, from inception to distribution. Continue to utilize a powerful approach to project management and your business will eradicate error, improve the process and speed up delivery of energy products to market. It can also improve accuracy and reliability across the whole workforce, including contractors.


Gain a competitive advantage in the market

Select the right projects

Identify profitable investments, align resources for better productivity and achieve objectives to remain competitive in a fierce market. With KeyedIn Projects you can accurately track resources, budget and labor, leaving executives to concentrate on driving profit margins, expanding into new markets and executing new business models to enhance overall success.

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