Digital transformation, tight budgets plus the need to cut costs and provide a platform for growth are all driving intense change within the Oil and Gas industry. Can your PPM Tool deliver the strategic focus you need to deliver new value generating business models?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Benefit Customer Services with Detailed Analysis and Accurate Reports

Reduce capacity gaps

Resource capability is integral to achieving objectives on time, within scope and without going over budget. Cohesion is not just essential within your immediate team or organization, however. In such a multifaceted industry, understanding resource capability across companies, contractors and colleagues is key to maximizing the use of your finite resource pool. With KeyedIn Projects you can easily forecast and model current and future resourcing requirements to ensure you have an accurate picture of resource demand and capability to make important go, kill and stop, project decisions.

Focus on Delivering Profits and Long-Term Growth

Make the right investments

In the oil and gas industry, more so than others, deciding where to invest your resources - time, money or talent - requires extensive analytical evaluation before committing to a strategy. An ever-complex arena, regulatory requirements and consumer demand result in tough competition between short-term profit or long-term investment strategies, and where your focus should be. With a powerful project portfolio management system you can improve immediate profit - with an accurate approach to selecting and prioritizing projects - while freeing resources to work on the most rewarding investment options.

Reduce Risk and Time to Market

Streamline processes

With the help of a sophisticated, seamless project portfolio management solution, products will be brought to market quicker and with less element of risk. Streamlining the project management process - with more accurate time logging, tracking and budget forecasting - allows you to put more emphasis on improving delivery and consumer experience. This, in turn, maximizes market leverage, reputation and profit.

Invest Wisely in Your Future Portfolio of Projects

Accurately forecast

Oil and gas suppliers need to be innovative with their investments, educated on future technologies and in line with consumer opinion. A successful corporation will withstand the evolution of the utility markets by simultaneously monitoring future technologies, investing in profitable projects and continuing to drive profits. To do this, you will need a comprehensive project portfolio management solution that can help project managers accurately forecast costs, manage resource capability and track deliverables – ensuring you invest in the right projects at the right time.