Clinical Analytics, Cost Transparency, Rising Pharmacy Costs and the Digital Consumer are all driving intense & disruptive change in the Pharmaceutical industry. Can your PPM solution deliver the strategic focus you need?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Improve Decision Making, Resource Allocation and Profitability

Streamline processes

Improve your company’s decision-making processes, resource allocation, profitability and efficiency with the help of the KeyedIn Projects project portfolio management solution, designed specifically for pharmaceutical projects. A streamlined approach to project portfolio management will help you deliver products to market on time, within budget and while retaining compliance with regulations and approval from relevant bodies.

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Gain Greater Control of Risk Management and Compliance

Drive stakeholder engagement

An integral aspect of any pharmaceutical business is to remain competitive while following strict regulations and managing risks. KeyedIn Projects allows you to deliver on time and within budget, track project life cycle from inception through to completion, and catalog and track each stage of development accurately. A seamless and effective project management system means regulations, processes and systems will be adhered to, as and when required, for successful delivery of objectives.


Manage Long Project Life Cycles and Complex Research

Improve project governance

The nature of pharmaceuticals means that long project life cycles are inevitable, as are many stages of research, analysis and complex processes before completion. However, it does not mean that ever-stringent budgets and resources need to spin out of control due to convoluted procedures. Regain successful management of each and every deliverable, and ensure it is developing through its life cycle on time and within budget, for better delivery and more profitable business systems.

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Take Control of Project Deliverables and Status Reporting

Focus on business outcomes

KeyedIn Projects provides a cloud based project portfolio management solution, providing consistent access to project data across the board. Easily track deliverables or whole projects and, where necessary, pull complex reports outlining project progress across departments, forecast time required, scheduled work and allocated resources, allowing improved decision making and productivity. Visual graphs and charts keep all members of the team aware of every stage of the project life cycle, while reports and evaluations can easily be compiled to produce detailed analysis of project deliverables.


Gain a Deeper Insight into Financials, Resources and Project Progress

Improve project governance

Pharmaceutical companies, often working across many offices, rely on various external agencies throughout each project, which can cause inaccuracies in budget and overall spend. KeyedIn Projects can help you better manage and allocate resources, keeping your overall processes within budget, impacting profitability, productivity and client satisfaction. As a cloud based project portfolio management solution, KeyedIn Projects can systematically create project status and progress reports, based on accurate, real-time information and live data ensuring all project stakeholders have a clear understanding of the 4 key factors dictating project success – resources, cost, deliverables and benefits.

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