Rising demand, budget cuts and digitalisation are all driving intense & disruptive change in the public sector. Can your PPM Tool deliver the strategic focus needed to capitalise on the opportunities that new technology present?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Deliver Objectives On Time and Within Budget

Improve visibility and control

Government and public sector agencies are under increased pressure to make the correct decisions, invest in the right places and deliver to constituents, as well as maintain transparency and accountability. For this, you will need a fast, powerful and fully comprehensive project portfolio management solution. KeyedIn Projects can assist you in delivering objectives on time and within budget, as well as provide in-depth reporting to maintain a clear record of project life cycle.

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Streamline Services and Maximize Accountability

Engage project stakeholders

Budget constraints, time frames, expectations and resources considerably impact the delivery of projects and services. Take back control and increase accountability with a comprehensive project portfolio management system that can systematically track, update and monitor budget, resources and scope - keeping you constantly up-to-date, ready to adapt or realign resources as required. A flexible project portfolio management solution also allows you to increase transparency and remain accountable with reliable data and accurate reporting tools.


Improve Collaboration and Cohesion

Greater control

Across sectors, agencies, departments or the whole country, seamlessly track and log data, and instantly oversee the project life cycle based on the status of everyone involved. KeyedIn Projects is powerful, yet easy to use, allowing all those involved in project delivery to track time, log status and update progress. Management can then adapt to a continuing process, to eliminate spiraling costs and improve cohesion across multiple departments and agencies.

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Control Spend and Maximize Resource Usage

Manage scope

Public sector agencies need to control spending. Throughout the project life cycle, KeyedIn Projects can log, track and monitor time and resources, providing an accurate overview of what has been spent and how much is completed. This allows project managers to regain control of scope quicker, and with greater accuracy - realigning resources, expenditure or time to meet delivery and budget expectations.


Deliver a Better Service

Reduce administration

Overall, KeyedIn Projects works in unison with public sector agencies to overcome the unique challenges they face. All money must be accounted for, time is ever-valuable - it being at the public’s expense - and services need to be delivered on time and to exceptional standard. Finally, evaluations, reports and feedback must be available, which are often scrutinized by the media and other public figures. Adopting such a powerful, comprehensive and detailed project portfolio management solution not only means objectives are achieved quicker, faster and cheaper, it also allows reports and evaluations to be compiled quickly. With KeyedIn Projects your team can rely on greater accuracy, creating a more efficient project life cycle.

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