Adaptive retail and the constant pressure to improve and own the customer experience are all driving intense and disruptive change in the retail industry. Does your project portfolio management tool deliver the strategic focus you need?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Streamline Process and Resources

Make informed decisions

In retail, it’s all about the resources. Gain an accurate understanding of resource workload and capture actuals consistently so you can ensure your resources are allocated to projects they should be working on. Track time and utilization effortlessly and pull that information into a centralized view for data-driven decision making. Streamline processes to eliminate human error and get information faster. Keep people focused on their projects, not adhering to process and manual data entry.

Be Operationally Agile for a Competitive Edge

Adapt to market changes

Retailers need to keep a competitive edge and be able to adapt to market changes. Invest in projects that have the best chance of success so you are not wasting time and money in areas that will never be seen through. Align your portfolio to strategic corporate initiatives from the top down. Execute on those projects from the bottom up so you can ensure your strategic mission meets your tactical execution plan. Pivot when needed and model scenarios so your retail goals are met and outcomes are delivered.

Integrate Critical Systems for Shared Success

Break down data silos

Most systems are better together: but not all can play nice. KeyedIn allows retailers to easily integrate their core systems so teams can get the information they need to do their job. Finance relies on their accounting system of record and the product division uses something else - no problem. Integrate critical systems so teams can share data and everyone is working with the most accurate information. Don’t let process slow you down. Know where projects stand at all times and break down silos so everyone is on the same page. Latest updates to KeyedIn API connectors further enhance the ease and use of integrations for configuration and usability.