We are thrilled to share the latest updates to our innovative PPM tool with you! Among other updates we have overhauled the beloved Project Gantt chart for improved project planning, deliverable management, and milestone tracking. The updated technology provides additional functionality to make the Gantt easier to use, manage, and understand the progress of projects. Key improvements include:

  • Modern look and feel with faster, more fluid experience
  • Intuitive user interface advancements including automatic highlighting of changed rows, improvements to copy & paste, and find & replace functionality
  • Updates to resource availability, search for assignments and scheduling.

Here are a few of the highlights from our latest release.

Task Planning

The task planning Gantt functionality has been completely redeveloped using modern, up to date technology with resourcing improvements for a faster, more fluid experience and a fresh interface to give project managers the ability and confidence to manage projects at a task level.

You can now choose to automatically update the Parent Task percent complete rather than having to manually calculate it.

Resource Availability

The resource availability search has been simplified allowing you to more efficiently find the right resource at the right time for the task at hand. A brand new search function allows users to quickly find filtered tasks and resources by task types with a bulk edit feature enabling users to update certain attributes simultaneously.

Additional improvements have been made to the resource plan screen to improve the visualization and resource utilization, highlighting the expected amount of time resources will spend working on chargeable or productive projects. You can manipulate the resource plan screen to give you a visualization indication based on which time type you prefer.

Exporting to MS Project

Process changes to the export of data to MS Project allows project managers to easily share data for outside users or stakeholders.


We are excited about the features and enhancements in v6.4 of KeyedIn Projects. Based on user feedback and testing, we know that this update will solve pains and bring benefits for project managers and the resources with tasks on projects. We are also confident that Stakeholders and project managers will gain from the enhanced user interface and find it easier and faster to gain an understanding of the status of their projects and the availability and utilization of their resources.

Key Gantt Improvements

  • Improved, modern look and feel
  • Faster, more fluid experience
  • Automatic highlighting of changed rows
  • User experience focus
  • Improvements to copy & paste
  • Greater flexibility for managing constraints
  • More Intuitive Resource Availability; search for assignment scheduling
  • Export to MS Project – process change
Additional Features
  • Auto calculate % complete for summary tasks
  • Protected tasks
  • Search and filter tasks and resources
  • Bulk edit tasks
  • Find & replace text (task description)
  • Inform user of over-allocated resources in the task plan

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