5 Ways Project Team Collaboration can Drive Innovation

Author: Henry Bennett

Innovation in project management is becomming more and more essential. Waiting for new ideas, single flashes of inspiration and 'Eureka' moments from the same individuals simply isn't enough. Innovation can be driven by ensuring team collaboration and giving the whole project team access to core project information. The team can then use this as the context for developing innovative solutions or for applying knowledge from previous projects effectively. This results in more effective project delivery. Below are five ways you can ensure continuious collaboration, to help manage knowledge and drive innovation.

1. Keep all project communications and documents in one place

There should be a central project workspace where all documents and communications can be stored for ready reference by any member of the team. Document management capabilities with version control and communication history meansthat vital information doesn’t get lost in mailboxes.

2. Ensure the entire team are kept up to date with project status

Enhance collaboration by making sure every member of the team understands the project status, and is singing from the same hymn sheet. Make it simple to update every aspect of project plans when a particular workstream changes, not only creating a sense of working together but actively supporting individual team members to manage their workload.

3. Easily draw on previous experience for project planning and service delivery

Pull information from your existing knowledge base to estimate and plan accurately or to draw on successful solutions from previous projects. Organizational knowledge should no longer just be locked in the minds of the experts.

4. Share knowledge as it is generated – and instil a learning culture

Utilise a central project workspace, as soon as new approaches are used and documented, they should be made available to the team. That means the solution found in one location can be applied in another, without requiring team members to travel. The same workspace can be used to facilitate ongoing collaboration, encouraging team members to share any lessons learned.

5. Cope with change

Managing change effectively is essential to successful team working. By using a centralised project management solution, you can ensure that where changes are agreed, plans are updated and team members informed – so they can adapt accordingly.