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Select and Prioritize the Right Projects to achieve your Business Goals, Objectives and Strategy

KeyedIn Projects provides an orderly, repeatable structure for the prioritization and selection of the right projects to achieve business objectives, goals and strategy. Based on your resource and financial constraints, KeyedIn Projects intuitive project portfolio management capabilities ensures projects are aligned with business strategy, while delivering improvements in detailed cost/benefit forecasting, strategic risk analysis and long term resource capability planning.

Easily achieve a Global View of all Projects

KeyedIn Projects ensures you receive complete visibility into project progress and status at the different project levels within your organization. Easily configure your own project hierarchy to support your individual business needs to ensure your project team; executives and stakeholders can review high-level summary information or drill into the detail.

Efficiently Align Projects with Business Strategy and Corporate Objectives

KeyedIn Projects is one of the few systems that combines both the project and business worlds to provide a single integrated view of resource capability, financials and risk, helping to remodel and shape the business to successfully deliver your project portfolio.

Simplify Portfolio Selection and Prioritization

Accurately Forecast the Cost of Delivering your Portfolio of Projects

With KeyedIn Projects you can accurately forecast the cost of delivering your entire portfolio of projects. By forecasting all project costs and resource demand, users can easily see the estimated cost or budget for each project, rolled up to program and portfolio level.

Improve Executive Visibility through Real Time Program Status Reporting

Whether it's simply tracking risks, benefits and overall progress across inter-connected projects, or rapidly drilling down to identify potential issues, KeyedIn Projects provides executive visibility and influence over project status at every level in your project hierarchy.

Improve Project Governance and Raise Project Standards

With KeyedIn Projects, you can effectively create a two-way contract between the business and project stakeholders, ensuring that the business is able to deliver on its commitments and that there is a formalized process for decision-making and accountability.