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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is more than simply individual project selection, it’s about the entire mix of the business’s portfolio of projects and operational plans.

It’s about achieving the right balance within this mix through a combination of long, medium and short-term projects, high and low risk projects and how these impact the size, shape and strategy of the organization. This means that the business and project worlds must become one.

Combine the Business and Operational Worlds

KeyedIn® Projects is one of the few project portfolio management solutions that combines both the project and business worlds to provide a single integrated view of resource capability, financials and risk to help remodel and shape the business to successfully deliver your strategic goals.

Effectively map your organization

KeyedIn Projects enables you to accurately model your organizational structure and project hierarchy within the same solution meaning organizations can easily analyze the impact of real business scenarios, such as the impact of a merger or acquisition on project delivery

Integrate operational plans and project portfolios

Easily generate your operational plans throughout your organizational hierarchy. Planned headcount and expenditures can be used to accurately produce a financial forecast or budget. With seamless integration to KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management functionality, an organization’s operational plans can be compared to project budgets to analyze the overall financial and resource capability of the organization.

Reduce Project Failures

KeyedIn Projects will provide visibility into failing projects before it is too late, allowing you to make course corrections on non-performing projects as well as make objective and rational go, hold, fix and stop decisions.

Compare project and organizational budgets

Operational plans in KeyedIn Projects can be rolled up through the organizational hierarchy to produce your organizational budgets. Operational plans and project budgets can easily be compared to your organizational budgets in order to analyze the financial capability of the organization.

Assess the impact of resource demand on organizational headcount

KeyedIn Projects enables you to plan your headcount throughout the organization. This enables you to accurately analyze the impact of changes in headcount on your operational plans, project delivery and resource capability.

Assess Headcount against all resource requirements from across the business

KeyedIn Projects enables you to compare the planned headcount from within your operational plans to your people in post. This enables you to identify resource shortfalls or to analyze the impact of reducing your headcount.