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KeyedIn® Projects provides a formalized method of implementing a project governance process by ensuring the business has a framework to measure the value projects deliver to the business and to mitigate the risks associated with the project delivery process.

With KeyedIn Projects, you effectively create a two-way contract between the business and project stakeholders ensuring that the business is able to deliver on its commitments, and that there is a formalized process for decision-making and accountability supported by milestone management, real-time information, role-based visibility and centralized data control.

Implement Measures

Measures enable you to calculate project-related values based on events or time triggers to build trend analysis for high-level progress and status views anywhere across the project hierarchy.

Standardize Project Requests

You can record proposed projects while they are evaluated for capacity and alignment to the objectives of the organization. Once approved, project requests can be moved to live projects for management.

Consistent Method of Planning Projects

The flexibility of KeyedIn Projects lets you define how you manage your project processes. Once in place the processes provide a common structure for all project staff to follow, ensuring a consistent approach that leads to more timely and accurate data.

Standardize Templates and Deliverables

Repeatable project structures can be stored as templates to ensure consistency, adherence to a proven process and reduced risk. Issues and risks can also be added to a project template.

Project Gates

You can define the project process through project gates as deliverables, providing management with a graphical view of the status of a project at a lifecycle level.

Improve Stakeholder Communication

KeyedIn Projects ensures that your project data is stored in one place. Combine the single location with the extensive report set and the flexible reporting engine and reporting to stakeholders is a breeze compared with the hours spent sourcing data and formatting the result through manual methods.

Assign Project Roles and Responsibilities

Assign roles, teams and departments to provide a clear hierarchy for the resource teams, which can be used to enable roll-up and drill-down analysis of resource capacity and use. Resources can be assigned multiple roles using ratios to define priority and time segmentation for planning and supply.

Standardize Project Status Reporting

KeyedIn Projects contains over 90 standard reports but you can build your own using the flexible reporting engine. The Project Status Report combines a standard layout with status commentary to provide a rapid, efficient reporting tool to senior management all aspects of the project, including deliverables, tasks, risks, issues, budget and status. Version control of the Project Status Report provides a historical record of progress.

Standardize skill and cost management

A configurable, formal skills matrix can be applied to your resources to help direct the right people to the right roles within projects. You can also make use of a skills approval and review process to keep the skills current. Costs and charges are also be maintained across the system to ensure consistent use across resources, teams and departments, ensuring project comparisons are accurate and relevant.

Common vocabulary

KeyedIn Projects allows you to tailor the field labels to match the terminology of your industry and organization, making staff assimilation much easier. Even if you leave the screen labels as standard, use of KeyedIn Projects will encourage all users to adopt the common vocabulary, easing understanding and communications within and beyond the organization.