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Configure your own project hierarchy to support your individual business needs and project framework.

The project hierarchy within KeyedIn® Projects enables you to view project progress and status at different levels within your organization, for instance project, program, portfolio and company, enabling your management team, executives and stakeholders to review the high-level summary information or drill into the detail.

Define the hierarchy to fit your organization

The project hierarchy is fully customizable and provides instant access to summary information with the ability to drill down into the detail, subject to security permissions. You can define up to 10 levels, each with their own name and short hand code, and you can even assign different names for different groups within the organization.

Navigate the hierarchy

Filters, searches and a unique hierarchy button enable you to roll-up or drill-down to see the information at the level you require, in real-time, including finance, resource demand and supply, project status and progress, risks and issues. You can also build your own project and program list to focus on the projects of your choice.

Protect your hierarchy information

You can define security to prevent users from rolling up the hierarchy or drilling down, ensuring that project staff and stakeholders only see the data at the level allowed.