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KeyedIn® Projects gives your project team members the ability to collaborate via a single integrated platform, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of projects by improving knowledge sharing, stimulating discussion, reducing risk, increasing visibility and enforcing control.

The intuitive web-based project collaboration software features in KeyedIn Projects ensure your project managers and team members have real-time visibility into the status and health of each project. With KeyedIn Projects, all your project team members can keep in constant contact, sharing knowledge and driving project innovation.

View a Collaborative Overview of the Status of Your Project

Keep in Constant Contact with the Status of Your Projects. With KeyedIn Projects you receive an instant overview of the status of each of the projects you manage, Including Financial, Resource, Task, Risk, Issue and Delivery Status.

Get a Centralized View of all Project Data via the Project Dashboard

KeyedIn Projects brings all of your project information together in a single tab, making it easy to manage your tasks, forecasts, risks, issues, deliverables and status reports via a single integrated interface.

Easily View All Resources Working on a Project

With KeyedIn Projects you have complete visibility of all resources working on your projects. Easily drill down to see specific assignments, discussions, comments or to analyze status.

View a Full Communication Stream of all Interactions on the Project

Never miss another beat of your projects heartbeat. KeyedIn Projects communication stream keeps you in constant contact with progress updates, discussions, comments, lessons learned, plus any bespoke communication stream you define in the application.

Share Knowledge through Lessons Learned

Ensure the success of future projects. Encourage team members to openly share any ideas, issue resolutions and lessons learned in a collaborative environment.

Keep the Project Team informed with Regular Progress Updates

Keep Project Managers, Sponsors and Team Members informed of your Progress with regular progress updates.

Centrally Manage all Risks

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily create a central repository of all project risks and mitigation actions and easily analyse the impact and probability of risks occurring.

Track Project Issues in Real Time

Stay on top of all project issues. Easily log issues as they occur, create issue resolution plans and allocate them to your project team members to take action.

Easily Access and Share Project Documents

Centrally store all of your project documents with KeyedIn Projects intuitive document management functionality which includes check in, check out and versioning functionality.

Analyze Project Progress in Real Time

KeyedIn Projects intuitive Project Review mechanism enables you to analyze the progress of projects in real-time by analyzing the status of tasks, assignments and progress updates.

Standardize Project Status Reporting

With KeyedIn Projects you can standardize your project status reporting process. This ensures that all Project Managers submit project status reports in a clear and consistent manner and all project team members have a clear understanding of the status and progress out each project.