KeyedIn Projects v5.3 – Learn how this release allows you to get better visibility of your data!

Author: Henry Bennett

The 5.3 release introduces the new Analytics dashboards that allow you to get better visibility of your data. The new dashboards leverage the existing functionality of the KeyedIn Projects report writer, allowing you to create your own widgets in a graphical or tabular format. They are fully configurable and allow you to have a different configuration for each group of users. The scenario functionality has been extended to allow you to compare different scenarios. Billing has been improved by enabling you to automatically allocate your timesheets to contract lines based on task and activity. And a host of usability improvements have been delivered.

Analytics Dashboard

New Analytics dashboards are available in 5.3 which leverage the functionality of the KeyedIn Projects report writer. 

Dashboard highlights:

  • Fully configurable
  • Can run standalone on the new Analytics tab
  • Can run embedded in the Project tab
  • Create your own graphical widgets using the KeyedIn Projects report writer
  • Create your own data widgets using the KeyedIn Projects report writer
  • Uses a new charting tool with an improved look and feel
  • Create different dashboard configurations based on the type of user
  • Change the layout
  • Open a widget in a separate window for printing
  • Drag and drop your widgets to change the layout
  • Auto-Refresh – Widgets can be set to automatically update hourly\daily\weekly\monthly
  • Manual Refresh
  • Drill through capability into other areas of the system

Task Planning Improvements

The ability to attach multiple documents to a task is available in 5.3, thus negating the need to create custom fields. A new attachments tab has been added to the Task Edit screen, where a user can add multiple document attachments.

Scenario Modelling Improvements

A new Comparison view has been added to the Scenario tab, which provides the ability to compare two scenarios and view the differences between them in terms of effort and cost. Differences can be viewed graphically or in data mode.

Ability to show a Scenario totals section on the Scenario Portfolio tab is now available in 5.3. You can include any numeric Project or Forecast custom fields in this section.

KeyedIn Projects 5.3 now includes the ability to include the New Projects and Current Portfolio sub-tabs when printing the dashboard. A new print option has been added to each tab where the user can select whether to include them in the print.

Billing Improvements

Speed up the billing process by linking tasks and activities to contract lines on a project. Approved timesheets entered against the task\activity will be automatically allocated to the contract line when an invoice is created. You can now specify a routing type against a contact to identify how timesheets will be allocated to contract lines.

Resource Capability Improvements

In KeyedIn Projects 5.3 you can now drill into the capability\ demand\ allocated figures to see the detail behind them. 5.3 has enhanced multi-lingual reporting capability and it is now possible to enter a display name in different languages against each field on a report.


KeyedIn Project 5.3 includes support for Internet Explorer 10.
Support has been withdrawn for Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

KeyedIn Projects 5.3 will run on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
  • Firefox 3.5 and above
  • Google Chrome