KeyedIn Projects v5.8.2 – Check out our enhancements to Demand and Supply, Assignment Planning and Project Lifecycle!

Author: Henry Bennett

Demand and Supply Improvements

Bulk Supply changes. A number of features have been added to make it easier to handle multiple Supply changes. Project Supply for multiple Resources can be moved forwards or backwards – useful when projects are delayed or brought forward. The ability to bulk delete Supply is also available to quickly release Resources from projects that have been stopped early, or where someone has left the organisation.
Individual, selected or all displayed Resources can be included and the changes can apply across a single or multiple Projects as the button is available on the Projects-Resource and Capacity-Resource Plan Dashboards.

Confirmed and Provisional Demand. In complex project environments where you are working to a given planning horizon, or a specific date relating to financial approval, Demand can now be designated Provisional or Confirmed. When Demand is Confirmed, a date can be selected to show when Resources can be confidently Supplied up to. The Demand confirmed until date allows Resource Managers to refine their decision making regarding Supply. The Capacity graph shows the total Demand and the split between Provisional and Confirmed Demand. This provides Resource Managers with increased visibility and means better strategic resourcing decisions.

Auto Generate Supply when Forecasting Demand. This allows users to forecast a Resource’s demand and automatically supply them in one operation – useful where Planners are also Resource Managers.
Customers interested in this functionality should contact the KeyedIn Consulting team for assistance with designing a suitable process and permissions configuration.

Project Planning Improvements.

Assignment Planning Improvements. Assignment planning from the Tasks dashboard has been improved with the ability to enter a Resource’s Name utilizing “auto-complete” to dynamically match the entry.

Improved Assignment Profiling. Improved Assignment profiling is now available. In addition to the existing Flatten and Usage options, it is now possible to insert a value or Frontload over a specific period.
The new Insert option can take into account a Resource’s availability after other Assignments – which helps avoid over-allocation.
Frontloading will always take into account other Assignments.

Recurring Tasks and Assignments. With this release you can plan Recurrent Tasks and Assignments. This can be used for the quick set-up of regular repeating events like team meetings.
Simply set-up the Task (including Assignments), select it using the Task picker, and then click on the Recurrence tool icon.
Set the start, frequency and end date for the recurring copies before clicking OK and confirming the dialog.

Project Lifecycle Improvements

Start Date for Lifecycle Changes The date a Lifecycle Stage changes can now be recorded. This defaults to Today, but can be changed to be in the past or future as appropriate.

Items marked with an *are non-opt in.

The upgrade will be available October 6th. If you would like to discuss the best way to take advantage of these improved features then please contact the KeyedIn Excellence Consulting Team. All existing SaaS clients will be updated automatically.