New Levels of Visibility and Control with KeyedIn Projects

From product launches to process re-engineering, IT implementation to internal transformation, as well as delivering services and solutions to customers, organizations in all fields increasingly embrace the discipline of project-based working. It provides a means of managing resource, monitoring progress and quantifying success...but only when applied diligently and intelligently – in a way that gives project managers the tools they need, and provides senior decision makers with the information they require.

Why Traditional Project Management Solutions Fail

In our experience, many organizations fall down in their project management approach by either investing in an operational tool, which supports everyday delivery and execution but provides limited reporting capability, or they focus on the strategic platform that provides a powerful executive dashboard but places significant additional burden on the project team to gather data.

A Single Integrated Solution Supporting Strategy and Execution

KeyedIn Projects is designed to offer the very best of both worlds – strategy-led and execution-driven. It is a fully integrated suite of project management applications that accelerates everyday tasks such as project planning, budget management, task allocation and scheduling, but simultaneously delivers the rich management information needed to support effective project, program and portfolio management.   Learn how KeyedIn Projects combines a Top-Down Strategy-Led Approach to Project Management with Project Execution Capabilities.

Unrivaled Accessibility

From our dedicated project portfolio management solution, through to the KeyedIn Projects mobile app we ensure our customers have anytime access to KeyedIn Projects from any location, using any device. So whether your preference is laptop, phone or tablet, KeyedIn Projects has the right solution for you.  Learn why KeyedIn Projects is the right solution for your business.

Fast to Implement with Rapid ROI

Project portfolio management can be complex, but few providers have mastered a needs-based, organizational-wide implementation that balances ease-of-use with user adoption, business benefits, speed of deployment and cost effectiveness.  KeyedIn Projects offers an out-of-the-box, all-encompassing implementation plan that helps users achieve their specific PPM objectives right from the start.  Based on industry best practices and over 20 years' implementation experience, the KeyedIn Excellence proposition is designed to accelerate implementation timescales and ensure a rapid ROI.  Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects is fast to implement.

Significantly reduce your Risk and Investment with our Enterprise Grade SaaS infrastructure

Have you ever considered how much it costs to invest in world-class infrastructure and security? With KeyedIn Projects you no longer need to worry. By partnering with the world's leading specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services provider, our SaaS solutions pass the most stringent security audits and offer the highest uptime available. Find out more about the benefits of SaaS over traditional On-Premise Implementations.

Start Fast with our Quick Start Solution

KeyedIn Projects has been designed to support organizations at every stage in their project management maturity.  From our Quick Start Solution, through to our comprehensive Project Portfolio Management and Professional Services Automation solutions we have a right sized, right fit solution for you.  Find the right solution for your business .

Real Time Project Status and Analytics

Good project management is all about visibility and control. KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive range of features and functionality to ensure you have complete visibility and control over your people, projects and financials. From comprehensive analytics to standardized project status reporting KeyedIn Projects can help you improve every aspect of project delivery.  Find out more about KeyedIn Projects unique features and functionality in our Features Tour

Configuration in the Cloud

With many cloud-based Project Portfolio Management Solutions configuration options are limited. At KeyedIn Projects we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of configuration options so you can easily personalize the solution to your own business. What's more we also offer our enterprise-level application development platform, “Konfigure”, ensuring you can extend KeyedIn Projects to reflect your individual processes as maturity grows.  Learn why KeyedIn Projects offers more configuration options than competing solutions.

Connecting Easily with Existing Systems

You want best-of-breed right? With the KeyedIn Projects integration platform you can talk to solutions both inside and outside of the cloud, enabling you to connect to your existing back office and front office solutions with ease.  Learn how KeyedIn Projects lets you connect with mission critical solutions via the cloud.

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