Available in 3 Flexible Editions to Meet your Business Needs

Like our solutions, our pricing is designed to offer flexibility around your business needs, budget, project management maturity and future growth. Our pricing is designed in all cases to help de-risk your investment and provide a rapid return.  Find out more about our range of configurable saas solutions .

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition offers our most flexible solution providing full configuration, localization, multi-lingual and multi-currency configuration.

Enterprise-level Organizations

Unlimited Resources, Unlimited Users

Strategy-Led and Execution-Driven Functionality

Enterprise Configuration

Full Global Capabilities

Learn how KeyedIn Excellence can help you configure the Enterprise Edition to your exact business needs.

Professional Edition

Our most popular edition, the Professional edition is designed for mid-sized organizations, as well as department level implementations, where flexibility is required to configure the solution to specific business requirements, while avoiding the complexity of an Enterprise level implementation.

Most Popular Edition

Mid-size Organizations

Up to 750 Resources, Unlimited Users

Strategy-Led and Execution-Driven Functionality

Advanced Configuration

Advanced Security

Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects ensures every implementation results in customer success.

Small Business Edition

The Small Business Edition is designed to provide a low-cost, quick to implement solution. Utilizing our Quick Start Template approach the Small Business Edition provides a pre-configured out-the-box solution.

Small Businesses

Up to 25 Resources, Unlimited Users

Execution-Driven Functionality

Template Configuration

Low Cost Entry

Find out more about our Quick Start solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about selecting the right edition for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is KeyedIn Projects licensed?
A. KeyedIn Projects is licensed based on the number of resources managed in the system. KeyedIn Projects is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is charged on a subscription basis.

Q. What is a resource managed?
A resource managed is anybody that needs to be planned or scheduled within KeyedIn Projects. This would generally be all resources that work on projects.

Q. What happens when a resource leaves the organization?
A. You can simply de-activate the resource and the resource managed becomes available for re-allocation.

Q. How many users can I have?
A. As the licensing is based on resources managed, you can add unlimited users. This means you can provide reporting and analytics access to executives, project sponsors and clients at no additional cost.

Q. How much does a resource managed cost?
A. We offer extremely competitive pricing - please use the form below to request a quote.

Q. How long is the subscription period?
A. The minimum subscription period is 12 months - however we offer discounts based on longer term agreements. To help you de-risk your investment and ensure you select the right solution, we also offer a prototype approach for complex requirements, and a quick start template based approach for more basic requirements. See our customer success section or speak to our team for further details.

Q. How can I purchase more resources managed?
A. Additional resources managed can be added at any time, please contact the support desk or your account manager for further details.

Q. How many upgrades are included in my subscription?
A. Because KeyedIn Projects is a SaaS solution - all upgrades are free* and are applied automatically. We currently target 2 major releases per year.

* Free upgrades only apply to standard SaaS customers. For on-premise, hosted, customized and private cloud customers additional fees may be applied. Please discuss your upgrade options with your account manager.

Q. Can I upgrade my Edition?
A. Yes, you can upgrade your edition at any time to take advantage of the additional features and functionality.

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