Take the Complexity out of Managing Complex Projects

The KeyedIn Projects vision is to leverage true SaaS based technology to drive better business results. Our intuitive project management solutions are 100% built for the Cloud, are browser agnostic and offer mobile access via iOS and Android devices. Through our infrastructure-on-us approach, we eliminate your risk, providing you with a highly configurable, cost effective, rapidly deployed project management solution that offers a unique opportunity to deliver rapid results, and maximize your investment. Find the right solution for your business.

Enabling Agility, Scalability and Accessibility through a True, Multi-tenant SaaS Architecture

We distinguish ourselves as offering a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture – enabling agility, scalability and accessibility for our customers. It also enables KeyedIn to deliver enhancements faster, and to all customers at the same time — with a dramatically reduced total cost of ownership. At the same time, customers have the ability to configure applications to suit their business needs.  Find out more about Why SaaS

KeyedIn Projects Offers Unrivaled Completeness of Vision

We provide one of the most complete project portfolio management solutions that enables companies to squeeze a competitive advantage out of their people, projects, programs, portfolios, products and processes. Through a holistic system of productivity management – our unique approach enables organizations to successfully achieve their strategic goals with unrivaled visibility. Our solution and people are a winning combination that delivers long term, profitable relationships with our customers and partners.  Find out more about our comprehensive range of features.

Over 20 Years’ Experience with a 96% Customer Retention Rate

With benefits ranging from a 75% reduction in project administration time, to end-to-end Enterprise PMO solutions delivered in less than 5 days - we offer a range of deployment techniques designed around your project management maturity that ensure every implementation is a success.  Read our Customer Success Stories.

Benefit from a Prototype Solution Built around Your Data and Your Requirements

From understanding your real business needs to simulating the real world – our unique implementation approach will provide you with unrestricted access to the solution through configuration of a prototype solution built around your data and your requirements. So when it comes to go live, you are ready to refine the model – where if you had taken the traditional approach you would most likely still be documenting requirements! Find out more about our Quick Start approach.

Minimize your Time to Live with KeyedIn Excellence

Our customers’ time is an element of critical importance to us and in understanding this we ensure our time-to-live approach is minimized. Through our KeyedIn Excellence Implementation Team, we offer a true prototyping approach to ensure you see your data and your processes at all points throughout the implementation. We provide a single accountable person for the entire process and a customer-focused team.  Learn more about our unique implementation approach.

Customer Driven Development ensures a Right-Sized, Right-Fit and Scalable Solution

We listen to our customers' needs and focus our development effort on Customer Driven requirements to ensure we offer the most complete solution possible. Our solution is right-sized, high quality, highly robust and flexible to our customer's needs.  Find the right solution for your business.

Transparency and Integrity from Evaluation to Implementation

Our people have direct customer experience, deep knowledge of the product and extensive project management experience. Our organization is here to ensure sustained customer success. This can only be done by being open and transparent in our practices.  Take a look at our customer testimonials.

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