Enterprise Grade SaaS Infrastructure

KeyedIn Projects is 100% built for the Cloud providing a browser-agnostic solution that offers mobility on iOS and Android devices. Our infrastructure-on-us approach ensures you receive a highly configurable solution, with no development overhead, that offers rapid deployment and rapid results. We eliminate your risk. Our unique offering helps to maximize your knowledge and investment through a proven template implementation approach that is cost effective and 25% less than a typical on-premise implementation. Find out more about our Quick Start Approach.

Fast to Implement

With KeyedIn Projects you avoid the headache of setting up, configuring and managing your own infrastructure. For most organizations this is a significant outlay. With KeyedIn Projects you receive a true SaaS infrastructure offering the security and privacy that few enterprises ever manage to achieve. By combining our infrastructure-on-us approach and our Quick Start implementation program - a full KeyedIn Projects implementation can be as little as 5 days. Learn more about our customer success stories.

More Secure than your own Internal IT Infrastructure

By partnering with the world's leading cloud infrastructure provider we ensure that our data security and data protection is world-class. We continually pass the most stringent security audits, and for most, can offer a more secure infrastructure than is available internally. See what our Customers are saying in our Testimonials.

Financially Backed SLA

At KeyedIn Projects we are so proud of our highly secure infrastructure, unrivaled uptime and customer retention rates that we provide all customers with a financially backed SLA. Learn more about our Pricing and Service Level Agreements.

Platform Independent with Unrivaled Accessibility

KeyedIn Projects can be used from any browser, any Android or any iOS device via the browser based web application our through our dedicated Mobile and Tablet Apps. The KeyedIn Projects Mobile App offers users of KeyedIn Projects everything they need while on the road. Learn more about our Mobile solutions.

100% Web Native

Unlike many competitive solutions, KeyedIn Projects has been designed from the ground up for SaaS.  With no plugins to install KeyedIn Projects is completely platform independent and can be accessed from any device in any location. Find a solution that best fits your business needs.

Fast to Use

With unrivaled uptime, two-click navigation, per click load-balancing, 100% uptime and a financially backed SLA, we ensure that KeyedIn Projects is fast to use. Watch KeyedIn Projects in action in our features tour.

Highly Configurable

A criticism of many SaaS products is that they do not offer the configuration and flexibility of their on-premise counterparts.  With KeyedIn Projects we like to add structure to implementations by providing a quick start template approach, but offer intuitive configuration features to ensure KeyedIn Projects grows with your project management maturity.  This means, with SaaS you get all the benefits of on-premise software coupled with a secure, scalable infrastructure. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Configuration Options .

Customer Self Service

KeyedIn Projects enables you to start small and fast - then drip feed out more functionality as your requirements increase or your project management maturity grows.  Unlike on-premise applications which may involve upgrades to take advantage of new features, with SaaS, upgrades are instant and you can take advantage of new features and functionality on release. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects comprehensive features

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