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Take your PMO to the Next Level: Download our free guide to improving PMO and project management performance

The project or program management office (PMO) is now a key part of the organizational landscape. More and more companies have introduced a PMO as a way of increasing the professionalism with which projects and programs are delivered, driving up standards and increasing the chances of success − however that success is measured.

But those successes aren’t shared fairly between all PMOs and all organizations. In fact, in many organizations, the PMO today is only realizing a fraction of its potential. Standards have improved, but they’re still not universal. More projects are delivered on time and budget, but some still miss the boat. And the vast amounts of data that PMOs collect about the way projects operate − the way the organization operates − are not routinely put to use to inform future project selection, estimating and planning, let alone to support project reviews and lessons learnt.

Download our free guide for practical tips on how to take your PMO to the next level.