Encompass Solutions enhances project control, optimizes resource usage, while enabling improved client visibility with KeyedIn Projects

Project portfolio management for your software development company? Sounds a lot like us, and the business that’s subject of this study, living in the ERP world, realizing the value of sourcing an enterprise PPM system for their benefit and ultimately their clients. Their story’s two-fold, as their system integrations involve much client interaction, they were able to leverage KeyedIn PPM with their client’s tasks as well as their own.

This case study highlights:

  • Simplifying their flow from MS Project, Excel, Dropbox and QuickBooks, to a streamlined KeyedIn-QuickBooks environment, much to their staff’s delight
  • Centralized, real-time visibility per project, for resource allocation, financial updates and progress status
  • Providing uniting, multi-organization usage, collaboration, resource optimization and workflow control
  • A program configured to accomplish additional capabilities, including portfolio management scenario modeling, project forecasting and budgeting availability.

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