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10 Essential PPM Trends Every Project Leader should Follow

Are you a project leader? Do you manage complex projects? If the answer is 'yes', then you should be aware of the following essential PPM Trends that highlight how taking a strategy-led approach to PPM, embracing emerging methodologies and adopting the right technology can deliver real business value from your project teams.

This essential check list includes tips on: 

  • How to cope in an accelerating digital workplace by taking a streamlined and effective approach
  • How to model for the future with agile planning
  • How to become an 'Active PMO'
  • How effective Resource Management can be achieved with greater visibility and control
  • How to find innovative ways to unite multiple methodologies to provide a single view of the truth
  • How to manage change and ease of adoption using a persona based approach
  • How to navigate the directive and adaptive PPM dilemma
  • How to focus on KPIs that provide clear visibility into the health of your portfolio
  • How to drive innovation whilst balancing the need for business as usual activities
  • How to manage geographically dispersed project teams on-the-go.

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