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Learn how to improve Financial Management with KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn Projects offers a comprehensive range of financial management features to ensure all of the projects and programs in your portfolio are delivered on-time and to budget. With KeyedIn Projects, you can quickly and easily build up project and program forecasts for any project, at any stage in the project lifecycle.  This ensures you can see the financial impact of your current, future and pipeline projects - as well as any change in scope to live or planned projects.

In this short video, you will see how KeyedIn Projects can help you...

  • Easily forecast the costs of your resources and expenditure
  • Summarize project financials at any level in the project hierarchy
  • Compare and contrast financial forecasts to understand the impact of change
  • Easily view financial data in either a graphical or tabular view
  • Easily analyze actual and forecasted costs on a month by month basis or as a financial glide path.