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KeyedIn Projects PPM Benefits Guide: How to achieve the benefits of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Organizations surveyed reported averages consistent with 44% of their projects being challenged, late, over budget or reduced in scope, with an additional 24% considered failures, leaving only 32% categorized as successful. The lost revenue associated with these percentages is substantial to any company.

KeyedIn Projects brings new levels of visibility and control to Project, Program and Portfolio Management. From product launches to process re-engineering, IT implementation to internal transformation, as well as delivering services and solutions to customers, organizations in all fields increasingly embrace the discipline of project-based working. It provides a means of managing resource, monitoring progress and quantifying success... but only when applied diligently and intelligently – in a way that gives project managers the tools they need, and provides senior decision-makers with the information they require.

In our experience, that’s where many organizations fall down in their project management approach. They either invest in an operational tool, which supports everyday delivery and execution but provides limited reporting capability, or they focus on the strategic platform that provides a powerful executive dashboard but places significant additional burden on the project team to gather data.

KeyedIn Projects is designed to offer the very best of both worlds – strategy-led and execution-led. It is a fully integrated suite of business applications that accelerates everyday tasks such as project planning, budget management, task allocation and scheduling, but simultaneously delivers the rich management information needed to support effective program and portfolio management.

In this free guide we explore how organizations can benefit from PPM.