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KeyedIn Projects PSA Implementation Guide: How KeyedIn Excellence provides a true Project Management Success Differentiator

In this guide we explore a number of deployment tips that KeyedIn Solutions has successfully utilized over the past 20 years, to ensure professional services organizations achieve a real success differentiator when implementing the KeyedIn Projects Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.

Most significant to professional services automation success is the start – PSOs who begin with a system configured to their specific needs realize the greatest benefit. That also presents the biggest challenge.

A collaboratively planned system involving both the PSO and PSA software provider, with best practice consulting and an all-encompassing implementation plan is necessary. This is the differentiator between a PSA system that staff utilize and the business benefits from, versus one available but not embraced.

This is never truer than in the PSO environment where:

  • Complex billing requirements are common, meaning proven integration with Finance is key to ensuring Professional Services and Finance have a single version of the truth
  • Many staff are based in the field or remotely so simple access via the cloud or a mobile device is key
  • Markets are highly competitive, meaning ease of use, user adoption, accuracy of data can make a real impact on project margins and profitability through accurate data capture
  • Professional service projects are subject to high levels of change, meaning the selected PSA solution must be intuitive, flexible and instil best practice. A structured implementation approach which focuses on the core features to necessitate immediate benefits is key to this success
  • High growth levels in PSOs result in constantly evolving customer demands. An implementation approach structured around short, medium and long term objectives will focus efforts and reduce implementation costs.
  • Planning entails analysis of needs specific to a firm’s individual business and culture, ensuring the proper KeyedIn Projects features are activated, creating a tailored environment with easy-to-use, clutter-free capabilities needed today, with plans for additional functionality available as the firm’s growth evolves.

Download this free guide to see how KeyedIn Excellence unique approach to PSA Implementation provides a true success differentiator.