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Download Coping with change - our free guide to effectively responding to changes in customer demand

Do you ever find yourself going against the corporate flow and wishing your colleagues weren’t quite so determined to give customers exactly what they want? Those little ‘add-ons’ not covered in the original scope that ‘will only take a couple of hours’. The trouble is, they all add up − and before you know it, you’re behind schedule and over budget. If that’s a scenario you recognize, KeyedIn® Projects can help.

KeyedIn helps you manage project change more effectively − making sure your customers, and your own team, appreciate the impact of those little modifications; enabling you to keep your costs and everybody’s expectations realistic. Download our Ideas in Action: Coping With Change whitepaper, to find out how.

‘Coping With Change’ explains how KeyedIn Projects can help you respond more effectively and intelligently when customer demands change. It shows how the best answer isn’t to simply leap into action, but instead to ensure that all parties involved understand that delivery costs and deadlines can change too.