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Is there anything more unedifying than project managers squabbling over staff?

“I booked him first.”

“But my project’s more important.”

You’ve heard it – or maybe even said it – all before. Besides the frustration, not to mention pandering to the egos of top talent that need no further inflation, it’s no good for the business. When resources are stretched too thinly across multiple projects, output suffers and delays stack up.

It’s time to consign those squabbles to history with KeyedIn® Projects. KeyedIn Projects gives you complete visibility of exactly who is scheduled to work on what, when – so there are no nasty surprises mid-project. Then, based on that comprehensive real-time information, KeyedIn Projects supports long-term planning. It can influence project selection – no more wasted time pitching for work that an over-committed team won’t be able to deliver – and scheduling: taking account of existing workload in creating timelines.

It can even feed into long-term resourcing strategies, whether they include highly targeted recruitment to acquire the skills that will be in demand, or individual training and development to nurture the next generation.