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Best Practices to Rev Up your PPM and PMO Performance

Whether you are just embarking on the PPM and PMO path or have an existing PMO and PPM strategy that needs improvement, this 45-minute recorded webinar will be time wisely invested.

Here are just a few of the actionable insights you'll get from our experts:

  • Best Practices in Resource Management - How to Optimize the Team
  • Best Practices in Operations and Metrics - How to Create Efficient Processes
  • Best Practices in Automation - How to Deploy Effective Technology
  • A Best Practices Example - How One Company is Doing it Right

We'll not only cover the biggest challenges in PMO/PPM, we'll give you practical solutions that can transform your existing PMO or make sure you get your new PMO off to a good start. Every strategy and tactic comes directly from successful practitioners, including a leading international company that increased the performance of their PMO in a major way. Our goal is to give you plenty of actionable information you can start using immediately to pick better projects and generate more profit from your whole project portfolio.